Impacted Teeth

When you think of impacted teeth you often assume the very common “wisdom teeth”. However, there is another less common but still common impacted problem that can occur with teeth. The impacted upper canines. Oral surgeons have a simple solution to this: EXPOSE AND BOND! 

While wisdom teeth have little to no function and can be extracted without loss of function for the patient, upper canines are vital for chewing, smiling, and closing the upper jaw properly over the lower jaw. For these reasons, an orthodontist will often refer a patient to an oral surgeon to help with this process. When you are referred to Aspire Surgical for this procedure we like to see you for a consultation before you schedule surgery. We ask that when you call to schedule a consultation that you have your dental insurance information handy so we can give you a quote based on your coverage. We also ask that you bring an x ray or have your dentist or orthodontist email us your most recent panoramic x ray. If you need a new one taken, we can do that for you too! 

Once you meet our team and your doctor here at Aspire, we are sure you’ll be feeling much less anxious about the whole experience. From there we will schedule you for your surgery. On the day of surgery we will have you sedated with an IV to give you the best experience possible. 

What happens next: the hiding tooth is surgically exposed and a bracket is placed. Any gum tissue that was cut is restored and you will be feeling just fine in a day or so. Soon after surgery, the patient sees their orthodontist to have the chain attached from the new bracket to the braces.

The procedure is very straightforward and quick with minimal pain when done correctly but the process of the tooth fitting into position can be slow. It could take a year or so before everything is perfect as far as tooth position goes.  This process is multiple steps, includes a surgery that we recommend sedation for and a back and forth from both doctors. However, teamwork makes the dream work and we at Aspire are happy to help expose a natural tooth for a young patient that will be showing off their perfect smile for years to come.

If you have any questions about this procedure give us a call or write us on social media! We’d love to help you!