Gingival Grafting

Reclaim your oral health with our expert gingival grafting procedure! Aspire is proud to offer this popular procedure using state-of-the-art technology.

If you're looking to improve the appearance and health of your gums, gingival grafting may be the solution you've been seeking. This procedure involves taking a small piece of healthy gum tissue from another area of your mouth or using synthetic material to cover exposed roots or areas of thin gum tissue. Our team of experienced dental professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine if gingival grafting is right for you.

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About Gingival Grafting

Also referred to as gum grafting or periodontal plastic surgery, gingival grafting is a procedure in which the gum tissue is grafted to cover exposed root surfaces, protecting them from infection or damage. It can also augment the band of keratinized tissue.

gingival grafting can solve gum recession at Aspire Surgical in Salt Lake City, UT
reasons for gingival grafting can solve gum recession issues at Aspire Surgical in Salt Lake City, UT

Reasons for Gingival Grafting

One of the primary reasons for this procedure is to reverse gum recession, which exposes the roots of the teeth and can lead to sensitivity, also putting them at a higher risk of disease or damage. This is because of the loosening of their attachment within the gums and bones of the jaw. If gum recession is not properly treated, bone and keratinized tissue will be at a higher risk for damage and permanent loss around the teeth. By extending the keratinized tissue via gingival grafting, the tooth roots are better covered and restore their security within the jaw.