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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Experienced Wisdom Teeth Extraction surgeons provide safe wisdom tooth removal services to patients of all ages in a comfortable environment.

  • Board Certified
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction Specialists
  • Affiliations with many area hospitals
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Problems With Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth tend to come in last. Since they appear after other teeth have come in, wisdom teeth can crowd your mouth, and push other teeth. This can cause teeth to become impacted (stuck in the gum tissues), or a wisdom tooth can come in at the wrong angle. Wisdom teeth that do not come through properly can lead to dental problems, such as:

  • Disturbing the tooth alignment
  • Disrupting orthodontic treatment
  • Damage to the other teeth
  • Prone to tooth decay
  • higher likelihood of infection in the gums and other tissues
  • Increased risk cysts
  • Potential jawbone issues

Aspire Surgical has centers throughout Salt Lake City and Easer Utah to provide safe, professional wisom tooth removal. Contact us to set up an appointment and get to know our doctors. You’re wisdom tooth removal is in good hands with Aspire Surgical.