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Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal Service in Utah

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If you have tooth decay, oral trauma, or periodontal disease, you may find that a tooth extraction is the right procedure. In the case of wisdom teeth, in addition to decay, trauma, or disease, they need to be removed because of overcrowding or coming in the wrong way. If you think your teeth may need to be removed, including wisdom teeth, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of the oral surgeons in our practice.

Following your consultation,  we can help you decide if a wisdom tooth extraction is your best option. If you decide to have the oral procedure, we will schedule an appointment at one of our seven locations in the Salt Lake, Park City, or Heber areas..

Wisdom Tooth Removal Experience

The process to remove wisdom teeth begins with a consultation with one of our surgeons. During the consultation, we will determine if a wisdom tooth removal procedure is appropriate; this usually means the tooth is impacted or coming in incorrectly. If we determine that oral surgery to remove the wisdom tooth is the right procedure, we’ll take X-rays to evaluate the teeth, bone, and gums.

Prior to your procedure, we’ll discuss the best anesthesia options for you, be sure you understand all aspects of the surgery, and review the post-op instructions.

There are pre-op items we will discuss with you to be sure you are prepared for the surgery. We’ll cover things like food prior to coming in, what time to arrive, ensuring you arrange for transportation, and understanding your medications. On the day of the procedure, you should have everything in place so you can focus on yourself during and after the operation.

Following your wisdom tooth removal, we will provide you with a set of post-op instructions. These will let you know what to expect, how to address the normal post-op conditions such as some bleeding, swelling or bruising, and pain management. We’ll also provide guidance on food and beverages as well as oral hygiene instruction for the healing process.

Of course, if you have any questions about your wisdom tooth surgery, you can call to talk with us.

More on why you might need a tooth extraction

  • Overcrowding –  Too many teeth cause crowding. This causes teeth to grow in at bad angles, be miss-align, and cause other problems.
  • Fractured Teeth – Trauma or tooth fractures may be significant enough to prevent repairs, requiring an extraction.
  • Dentures – Dentures may require some teeth to be removed to provide the necessary spacing for the appliance
  • Periodontal Disease – Periodontal disease can often weaken the gums to an extent that they cannon support teeth properly. If treatment can not strengthen the gums, teeth may need to be removed.
  • Prepare for Braces – Related to overcrowding, an orthodontist may recommend removing some teeth to allow the orthodontic to transition teeth properly.
  • Wisdom Tooth Discomfort – Particularly with wisdom teeth, as they come in, they can cause discomfort as they may push at other teeth, irritate the gums, and tend to be more difficult to care for.
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